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The activities of the office

The Support Office, within the Economic Development and European Affairs sector, manages the municipality’s strategic projects, takes part in the activities aimed at their definition and deals with the specialist research on funding for their implementation. Besides, it ensures an adequate information to the Local Council and the sectors of the administation interested on access modalities and participation on their funding and management.


Intervention areas of strategic projects:

  • Enhancement of the historical city centre
  • Social integration and cohesion
  • Urban and environmental quality
  • Culture and ceramics, city identity factor
  • Economic development promotion of the territory and competitive growth of the companies


The Support Office develops its own activity inside the city turning special attention to policies promoted by the European Union of interest for the territory and aimed at a better planning of its policies and activity from a synergic point of view with national and local (regional and provincial) levels of government. This way, it favours the participation on funding opportunities of European origin, these being managed either directly by European institutions or through the national or regional Government intervention.


Support Office aims:

  • To favour the integration of local policies with those from the European Union
  • To activate separate funding ways aimed at the project implementation
  • To contribute to the municipality’s overall growth through a planning-based working method


Support Office activity:

  • Information about policies of the European Union and their implementation on the territory
  • Information about European, national and regional funding through an inner system (alert)
  • Tecnical support to the city’s services for the implementation of projects.
  • Elaboration of projects aimed at funding acquisition
  • Relations with European, national and regional institutions