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What to see

Piazza della Libertà - Piazza del popolo
In Piazza della Libertà: the 15th century Cathedral designed by Giuliano da Maiano, and beside it the fountain built to D.Paganelli's design in the 17th century and the 17th century Civic Tower which leads into the portico ed Piazza del Popolo. Here: the Palazzo del Podestà and the Palazzo Municipale, formerly the Manfredi family seat, leading to Corte della Molinella on wich stands the Masini Theatre (1780-1788).
Behind the cathedral the 12th century Palazzo Episcopale.

International Ceramics Museum
One of the most important in the world, its two great ancient and modern collection include production from Faenza, from all the regions of Italy and from many other countries. The most important section is dedicated to Faenza ware, rich in masterpieces from Roman times to the present day. There are a great many modern pieces by Picasso , Matisse, Chagall, Cocteau, Léger and other famous 20th century artists.

Palazzo del Podestà
The former residence of the City Magistrature, now a multicultural centre.

City Library
Of Napoleonic origins it contains around 400.000 books, some very valuable, that belonged to noble families, monasteries and religious organisations.

State Archives
Here is kept the most wide-ranging documentation of the history of the city. The oldest is a parchment manuscript from 979.

Palazzo Milzetti
Considered one of the main architectural expression of italian neoclassicism (1792-1805), its interior is richly decorated in tempera, completed with stucco-work decorations.

City Art Gallery
Contains a wide panorama of Faenza and Italian art from the 13th to the 19th century. Works by Donatello , M.Palmezzano, C.Cignani, D.Dossi and other masters.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Hosts international Art Ceramics events and the most prestigious Art and Culture exhibitions.

Civic Natural Science Museum
There are three sections: ornithology, entomology, paleontology and speleology.

Province Trade Fair Centre
Hosts the most important trade fairs of the Povince , such as the Agricultural Fair.